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I'm Rickus.

UX/Ui Designer.

I create captivating websites
for modern professionals.

How can I help you?

I am a Freelance UX/UI Web Development and Digital Marketing Specialist. I Create Unique Online Experiences that Stretch the Boundaries of Digital Design to Help My Client's Business' Stand Out.


Ui/Ux Design

Web development



Campaign design

LinkedIn marketing

Facebook ads

Google Ads


A well executed website is the most valuable marketing asset of any business.

01/Web design

I create unique

I design captivating websites

01/Web design

A website is the most valuable marketing asset of any brand. It's the first impression your business makes. It has to look great, work great and most importantly, it has to make money. I build modern and stunning websites for modern professionals by blending design and digital optimization to create unique experiences that convert visitors into leads. All my websites are GDPR compliant.


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My designs convert website visitors into leads.

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02/Lead Generation

I generate
high quality leads.

I generate high quality leads

02/Lead generation

Leads keep your business alive. Without a steady stream of leads, your company won't stay afloat. Problem is: the level of digital marketing competition in 2020 is tough. What works for bigger brands will not work for businesses with smaller budgets. I get it because because I run a small business myself. When it comes to lead generation, my solutions are designed to convert customers, engage existing ones and build brand value.

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web design for the modern professional.

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